The goal is to bring something fresh and new to the industry and representation of the young creative community in central Florida and beyond.



MaxFire Music was founded to be an incubator of central Florida’s rich, vibrant and largely untapped music scene and bring it to the world stage. Based in Orlando Florida, the label is focused on developing artists who combine raw talent, authenticity and passion to create music that can help restore the artistry to the art of musical storytelling. The label’s founder and CEO, Kip Cade is a long standing member of the music scene who started in the music business as an artist himself during his formative years.

With more than two decades in music and entertainment, Cade decide to leverage his considerable experience as a producer, performer and businessman to help illuminate the careers of emerging young artists in central Florida.



MaxFire Music was created not only to deliver music that had “undeniable heat” which inspired the label’s name but, to also create imagery through videos that brought the stories to life. With Miami largely known for bass music to the south of Orlando and Atlanta to the north being home to labels like SoSo Def, with a few exceptions, the central Florida music scene hasn’t traditionally proven to be a launch pad for the large number of talented artists looking to be discovered.
After watching the music industry move from an era of inspiration, creativity to “band-wagoning” where artists just rinse and repeat of the same formula, he decided to create an oasis for artist to tell their stories in their own unique way and establish the “Orlando Sound”.

“When I grew up, we would wait for hours to see Michael Jackson’s video play on MTV. And when you saw Thriller and Beat It. it brought the stories they were telling to life. “Cade said.

We Wanted To Be Independent And Cooperate With Young Musicians

From the beginning of his career, the label’s founder was a true maverick. He worked as an account executive for a major market urban contemporary radio station while working to launch his music career. When he found himself without a record deal from a major label, he created his own independent label at the age of 21. In 1993, he established Smoothe City Records and released his single, How Smooth I Am. Performing the song at local venues, Kip was a crowd favorite. Some of the greatest talent in the industry shared the stage with him including; the late 2Pac Shakur, Black Sheep and the Fu-Schnickens.
Later he expanded his footprint and formed his second independent label, Hype Records. In the late 1990s, Kip collaborated with acclaimed producer CC Lemonhead who was best known for his unique brand of mainstream bass music and such hits as Space Jam and Tootsie Roll. The project was named The Lemon Experience, and the album contained a hit techno/dance single entitled “Precious Little Fantasy”. The single was so well received that it went on to be voted the number one song of the year by Orlando urban radio station 102 Jamz.
The new, rapidly growing label is now home to hip-hop artist Ayyo Buda. The crown prince of Max Fire Music is a lyrical mastermind whose album titled Slept on will be released in Fall of 2021. His newest song, “Party Like Mike Busey” will take listeners to the next level of partying like a rock star. The song is named for social media star, cult icon Mike Busey and BUDA’s second single, “HOLD ON” is expected to be a summer sensation that listeners can groove to.

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